Preschool Screening Program

Improving School Readiness for Preschoolers

The Preschool Screening Program of VNA improves school readiness for area preschoolers. Children who begin their formal education with undiagnosed vision, hearing or speech problems have a reduced ability to learn, are at a higher risk of being identified as problem learners and are at a high risk for placement in special education classes throughout their lives.

The Preschool Screening Program of VNA supports the quality of care and school readiness goals of daycare centers, subsidized daycare centers, Head Start programs and nursery schools by focusing on the early detection of childhood vision, hearing and speech disorders in an effort to facilitate treatments and provide children with an opportunity to start their formal education ready to learn.

VNA Registered Nurses and Speech Professionals complete vision, hearing and speech screenings of children 3 to 5 years of age in Montgomery and Bucks County Head Start programs, nursery schools, subsidized day care programs and childcare centers throughout Montgomery County and the five county region. Follow-up and referrals for children are an important part of the program's success.

VNA Preschool Screening Program helps improve school readiness for area preschoolers, through early detection of childhood vision, hearing and speech problems.

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